Is Microsoft starting to show it’s irrelevance?

I just read this article at CNNMoney and it isn’t kind. But, it basically follows most of the points I’ve been saying for months, that Microsoft is becoming less and less relevant in the lives of average computer users. MS has been resting on it’s laurels and not making software that enhances a users experience. As such, people are turning to other devices like the iPad or keeping their old systems instead of jumping on the Windows 7 bandwagon.

But is Microsoft still a game player? They haven’t been a game changer in a long time. Will people flock to their tablet? Will Christmas bring big holiday gamer revenue for the Kinect? Will Windows 8 be an upgrade everyone jumps on?

I think Microsoft is going to have a hard sell with their Mobile and Tablet solutions. As this article mentions, Microsoft has missed far too many opportunities. And those they did capture they stalled on thinking their name alone was enough to make a product or service sell.

Microsoft is a dying consumer brand

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