April Fool’s! You’re going to the DMV!

i-love-the-dmvWasn’t that a thrill a minute! Nothing says a day off like getting up and heading down to the DMV. And not just any DMV, but the special DMV for foreigners like me. Since I’m not from around here I need to go to the super secret location that is in the middle of nowhere so that I can be dealt with accordingly.

And apparently the DMV is the place where all the baggy pant wearing cool kids hang out. If you have dreadlocks, gold teeth, pants that don’t fit or a "wife beater" t-shirt, this is the place for you. Perhaps I stumbled into one of their club meetings. Whatever it was, the crowd was a little "worn out" looking shall we say.

But at least the people working there weren’t too bad. They seemed friendly and helpful. Considering the lunacy and hustle and bustle of the place I don’t see how they do it. I’m not sure if the DMV is the "first stop" or the "last stop" on your government career, but I think I would rather work the fry machine at McDonald’s than deal with that crowd.

But everything was going fine right up until the point where I forgot my Social Security card at home. Damn you identity theft! Everything came to a screeching halt while I spent 45 minutes driving home and then back again.

For stupid people like me they do give you the "cut in front of the line" pass which is great for finishing your business and pissing off everyone else who is still standing sitting there waiting to be served. With that done I was able to get a new license and get the hell out of there.

There has got to be better ways to spend a day off.

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