When did ordering from Subway become so complicated?

blackforesthamI like Subway and I’m terribly impressed that the local sandwich artists can craft a sandwich to my specifications in mere moments. So why is it that some people are completely confused and befuddled by what Subway has to offer? When asked, "what would you like" why on earth is the answer "what you got?" How can you not know how to order a sandwich at Subway?

The guy in front of me seemed completely overwhelmed by bread type, types of cheese and whether or not it should be toasted. And here’s an ordering tip, when you ask "what cheeses do you have" the follow up question is not to ask for some cheese the clerk didn’t just mention. Do you feel their holding back on the cheese selections? There is some super secret cheese vault in the back where the gourmet cheeses are stored for the folks who give them the secret sandwich name?

It’s a sandwich, throw some meat and cheese on it and let’s go!

Thanks for reading you majestic sausage.

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