Professor Wordington’s Spellatorium – Free for Today

I haven’t played this yet but it looks interesting. First, I’m a sucker for free games. Second, I’m a sucker for free word games. Third, I’m a sucker for free word games that somehow involve an RPG angle.

Battle your nemesis as he seeks to seal the world’s knowledge into his magical books, ushering in an age of darkness. Match wits with his minions, each tougher than the next, in this dynamic word-based game-within-a-game from the makers of "I Dig It".

Play against the computer or select multiplayer to challenge a friend. Force your opponent to spell a word or bluff your way to victory, but be careful not to underestimate your foe!
– Enjoy hours of fun and challenging word play in this innovative and unique word game.
– Unlock the mystery of Professor Wordington throughout 31 levels of single player action.
– Customize your character and game-play options by choosing from over 25 different items, spells, and potions.
– Loot your opponents to find rare and powerful items.
– Dominate your friends in one on one battle.



If you’ve come as an elf, see it through as an elf.

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