It seems I’ll be playing MineCraft

A month or so ago I’d never heard of this game. Now, I see the name everywhere. Even MaximumPC gave it their game of the year award. It seems like a great deal of fun, harkening back to playing with Legos of an unlimited number. I even made mention that I would like to give it a try, but I suffer from a lack of the creative gene used for building. I think the best I will be able to pull off is an outhouse. With a shaky roof.

But apparently my work confederates were distressed with my lack of commitment so they forged ahead and bought a copy of the game. Now I have to play lest I insult their most generous gift.

And in the brief moment of playing so I could "find a safe haven for the night" I proved my ineptitude by not only not being able to open the door correctly, but by not having the dexterity needed to actually close it again. And there were many calls of "don’t fall in that pit"! I see I will face some challenges in this game.

Made with 100% recycled electrons.

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