Just a little bit more track

Don was right, I’m already looking for more trains and track. I found a place that has some really good prices and everything is labeled clearly. Amazon has a bunch but it’s hard to tell if it’s the right gauge. They have it labeled as N but really it’s HO. That would be bad. I haven’t bought anything but the cart is already loaded up to $200 in parts, including another train set. I mean bloody hell, I’ve played with the train one night and I want another boatload of pieces. That would be nearly $350 for a model train set. That is crazy talk! But I want to click Complete Purchase so badly. I will wait until Monday. I don’t need to spend that kind of cash on a weekend fancy. Although, the train isn’t all that fun without more track so it’s sort of a catch 22 at this point. It wouldn’t ship out until Monday anyway, so that will give me a little time to think about it.

Thanks for reading you majestic sausage.

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