Our Minecraft world is erased by Thor’s Hammer!

Oh No! I just found out from Theo’ Twitter account that the data files from the Minecraft server are corrupted. A massive storm came sweeping through last night and sent his machine into chaos. Basically all the work from last night has been lost. My beloved castle has been lost to history! Curse the bad luck! But when you build structures in the manner of an 8 year old they aren’t that hard to put back together. Guess I will have to remake it, if I can remember what I did. Yeah, that was a bit of sarcasm there. Let’s see, it was a rectangle. Got it. I’ll draw up some blueprints. I might have to hire a workforce like an Egyptian dig to put that thing back together.

I even put up with a Creeper blowing up in my face to build that thing. Not to mention I actually poured the lava the right way to get it into the glass cylinder. What are the chances of me doing that correctly two times in a row?

If you’ve come as an elf, see it through as an elf.

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