Exchange 2010, you confuse me

So I’ve been trying to learn Exchange 2010 for the new job, which has been going well, but I have to say, Exchange 2010, you confuse me. I understand the mailbox server, the hub transport server, the client access server as well as the DAG and recovery. But the thing that puzzles me is why do all these things have to have new names? All this existed with 2003 with the bridgehead servers, MTA and all that. Why come up with all these crazy new names instead of just using the old ones and saying look you, 2010 bridgehead means this. I guess that would be too simple and no one would need to write new books, update their courseware and consultants couldn’t charge people outrageous if money if the customer knew what they were talking about.

I hate it when a relatively simple idea is made complex through the liberal use of acronyms.

If you’ve come as an elf, see it through as an elf.

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