SuperAntiSpyware Discount

Here some good discounts in SuperAntiSpyware, You can get the Lifetime version for under $20. Click this link to get SAS for $9.95. Then add the additional lifetime license to your cart for $9.95. The total is 19.95. But, use the cupon code, “friend” to get a 20% discount. This will drop your price to $17.41. Not quite as good as the $14.96 they used to offer, but it’s better than $29.95 right? The other option is to click this link and get SAS with Lifetime updates for $19.95. No messing around with adding additional items to the cart. The “friend” coupon won’t work for this deal. SuperAntiSpyware just updated to Version 5, so now is a good time to get a copy. A tried and true Spyware eliminator.

I hate the Microsoft Natural Keyboard

I hate this keyboard. It has become the bane of my existence! I used to love the Natural Keyboards, but this one has one major flaw, the damn spacebar won’t go down! You hit it and it won’t register. I have to use so much force that my precious thumb aches after only a few sentences. We all know how valuable the thumb is so I can’t have it going numb because of some ill-designed keyboard. Damn shame too, the rest of it works pretty well.

Perhaps I should read about Exchange

Not much happens on a Saturday by the look of things. The hurricane is causing plenty of damage, but it’s not effect the IT world like we thought. I hear a million people are without power. That will suck. I also heard some damn fools went down to the beach and watch the tide come in. It should come as no surprise that they eventually disappeared. What part of your mind screams out that’s a good idea?