Ambience By Urban Apps – A very nice way to relax and get some peace

A week ago I downloaded the Ambience app so I could listen to “nature” sounds and drown out the noises for my servers, the AC, dogs and all the other sounds you magically hear when you’re trying to go sleep. So far, it’s been working like a charm. It’s very similar to the Audiobooks apps in that you pay for the player and it hooks into the site and lets you browse and download tons of sound files. I’ve been listening to rainstorms for the past couple of nights. Regardless of what’s going on outside, in my little world there is a thunderstorm brewing. It has a lot of other tracks too like the sound of the ocean, birds, crackling fires, chants, wind and wind chimes. I have to say the library is pretty vast. There are a couple of paid files you can download, but those are only $0.99 so it doesn’t incur my wrath. I grabbed this app while it was on sale and I’m very impressed with it. The navigation is easy, there is a sleep timer and you can queue up files so you don’t have to listen to just one thing. Even at $2.99, I think this app is worth it simply because of the vast library it hooks into. Plus, it’s a Universal app so you can play it on any of the devices you have. I love it when developers do that.

If you’re looking to relax and drown out some sounds this is a great app to help you.

Ambience on iTunes

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