Oregon Trail – Free for a limited time

oregon-trailIn preparation for Oregon Trail – American Settler, Gameloft is giving away copies of their original Oregon Trail. You can get all the fun of dysentery for free!

Keep in mind though, Gameloft just released an update that allows you to purchase buildings and access the general store from anywhere. It sounds great, but they also turned on in-app purchases which I hate. I haven’t actually played the updated version yet so I can’t say how it works. I’ll be jumping into it later on the iPad. But for now, you can give it a shot for free!

A new journey is just over the horizon! The Oregon Trail: American Settler is coming soon to the App Store and we want to get everyone back in the adventuring spirit by making the original game absolutely FREE for just a few days!

Even more stuff to take you further on The Oregon Trail!
– Access the Store any time during the game from the in-game menu.
– New items, including materials, to combine to create new equipment, food, medicines to cure illnesses, covers to reduce food consumption, etc.
– Combine specific materials to create new equipment.
– Barter materials for other ones you need.
– Undertake additional missions that reward you in coins and equipment.
– Purchase buildings in towns to earn coins regularly during your journey.

Oregon Trail for Free

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