Paranormal Activity

Halloween may be over, well the date has passed but Halloween is never really over, but I just got around to watching Paranormal Activity 2 and 3. I missed out on all the fun for Halloween so I spent the day getting caught up. I liked that the movies are actually prequels to each other. I also through it was pretty slick that Paranormal Activity 2 leads into and has footage from the original Paranormal Activity movie. That’s an interesting technique and really pulls the two movies together.

I can’t really say that PA2 was scarier than the first since I didn’t think the first one was scary. It had some fun moments where people get drug down the hall, the loud bangs, the shadows and movement out of the corner of your eye, but I really don’t see how anyone except the biggest sissy would get up and walk out of these movies because they’re too scary. What the hell kind of pansy are you?

It was also cool how they added that extra bit where they show Katie coming over to kill Dan and Kristi and then steal the baby. That’s a neat bit of shock factor.

However, I wasn’t totally thrilled with the third installment. They did a good job of getting us into the 80s and there were some good moments throughout the movie. I especially liked the scene with Randy and Katie playing Bloody Mary, the little ghost in the kitchen with the babysitter and all the furniture falling in the kitchen, which drives the family out of the house. I’m not too keen on the witchcraft angle, not because I have a problem with that, but because I think it’s been done way too much it the past. The idea of a coven of witches or a pack of Satanists behind babynappings has run its course. It works for what they’re doing, but it’s far from compelling. It works well with the information they dropped in the second movie and will carry them into a fourth or fifth movie, which I’m sure is in the works. I’m just don’t see how the last ten minutes will mess me up forever (wasn’t that their slogan for this movie?). I think the third movie was less dramatic than the previous two. It moved the story along, added some more depth and made some connections, but as far as horror movies go it wasn’t that big a deal.

I’m going to have to watch the first movie again, clearly I missed a lot of clues. The first movie was really good, except for the ending. I would have preferred Katie just run out of the house instead of coming back in and throwing the body at the camera. Seemed unnecessary.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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