Frozen Crystal Head

It’s not always about beer, sometimes there’s vodka. Since I have these very exciting Crystal Head Vodka bottles to play around with I have been experimenting with how they look under different conditions. This is my frozen head of vodka right out of the freezer. I chilled this down for at least an hour and then put it on the table to see if it would frost up. With the humidity we have it took mere moments to turn into a true Crystal Skull and I had an amusing time taking pictures. With the frosted surface area you can really see the detail of the bottle. Check out those slightly crooked teeth and those wide cheekbones. The bottle is an awesome gimmick, but you can tell they put a ton of time and work into crafting it. I’m still quite a fan of this vodka and think it’s excellent when you chill it down and drink it straight. This smaller 750ml bottle has since been replaced by the full sized 1.75L head.

Crystal_Skull_Frozen_001 Crystal_Skull_Frozen_002

Thanks for reading you majestic sausage.

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