BitsDuJour had this app called ZenWriter for sale for $6 today. I’ve never heard of it before and decided to have a look. I love playing with word processors. Much to my excitement it’s a damn nice editor. They’ve completely removed menus, formatting, fonts and just about everything else. What it does have though is this little UI that looks like it’s a page from a book. It has the title as the header and the date, time, word count and characters as the footer. You fill up everything in between. It also has these awesome full screen backgrounds that it makes semi-transparent. That makes it a really nice canvas to work on. To help with the writing process they’ve included these relaxing little sound loops that play in the background as well as little sounds that clack when you type. I really like the layout and the fun little environment it makes. I felt compelled to buy a copy. It lacks grammar check and AutoCorrect so you have to pay attention to what you do, but as way to write down thoughts and ideas I like how it works.


Maybe I should've written that in a different font.

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