Back into the mines!

After a long break , I’ve gone back into the mines of Minecraft. Wow, the game has changed tremendously since my last spelunking expedition. I realized I never upgraded to the full version so there are tons of new features like potions, farming, villages, lots of new items and getting acquainted with Creative mode. Man, it’s like a whole new game.

I did manage to power up my own Minecraft server which was shockingly easy. I created a whole new world, immediately found a village and conquered them. I will dominate this oblivious little guy and bend him to my will. Either that or I will surround the compound with a fence. That will show him whose boss.

I did start an obsidian castle/fortress. Being able to fly makes it pretty damn easy to zip around and lay blocks like a fiend. Flying doesn’t negate it’s craptacular nature since I still don’t know how to build things worth a damn.

But I’m having fun and that’s all that matters!


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