2 days, 15 gallons

Wow, making that much beer is a little too much like work, that’s no work. I think I made one of the classic blunders and forget to drink beer while I was making beer. I shall have to do better next time. But there you have, 2 days and 15 gallons of beer. Do I get a ribbon or something? And I still have time to work something out for tomorrow. I really want to remake the ginger beer. There is a little debate over that one. I had problems when I made it last time and to me it doesn’t have a ginger flavor to it. Instead, I taste more coffee highlights. However, a guy I work with says it has, "ginger for days!" An impartial judge said he could taste some ginger, but that it wasn’t too strong and agreed the coffee aromatics were stronger than the ginger. So, which one of us is right? Looks like I’ll have to make it tomorrow, take it back in to work and see.

It’s interesting that I made three beers, all in different styles and supposedly from different regions, yet when you look at them side by side, they kind of look alike.

mexican-style-light-lager-01america-hefeweizen-01 aussie-outback-ale-01 

I’m still not getting a Corona vibe off that first one.


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