The Militarized Sleigh is Mine!! – Crime City

It finally happened! In the wee hours of the morning, with blurry eyes, I opened a Scrooge Box to reveal the 10th and final present! The Militarized Sleigh is now mine! I did it with 58 boxes and 9h15m to spare! I barely missed getting these for Christmas by a couple of hours. But I won’t trifle over such details. Since I got all 10, I will have to save this Scrooge Box Event has been a success. Nowhere near as good as I had hoped, but better than nothing, right? I take back all that mean stuff I said about you Santa!

So for this event I got all the prizes plus a couple of jackets, about $200k in cash, some respect, two of the Racer Z. I’m sure there were a couple of other prizes along the way. And let’s not forget a boat load of “Better Luck Next Time”.

I had my doubts about finishing this one, but there it is, and I did it without spending any gold. These were all cash opens. Of course, I spent a fair bit of gold getting Frosty Hideouts, but that’s another story altogether.

Anyone else get the final box in the last couple hours? My timer shows 5 more hours left so good luck!






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