Epic Boss Event – Lotus Kimora – Crime City

The Scrooge Box Event is over so now it’s time to go head to head with an Epic Boss, Lotus Kimora. I did an insanely poor job against Willie King last time, getting to level 12 before I was face down in the gutter more times than a sailor on shore leave. Even getting through level 12 was dumb f-ing luck.

I don’t anticipate getting much further this time around, but I do have a sleigh equipped with machine guns, so I got that going for me. I’ve made it to level 10, so I’m off to a better start than before, but I’m pretty sure things are going to end quite badly in another level or two and I’ll be scraping up my teeth and walking off the playground with tears in my eyes.

Until then, on to battle! SPOOOON!



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