Lotus Kimora – Tapped out at Level 16 – Crime City

I did better than the previous Boss Event and managed to get through Level 16. I barely scraped by with 1 hit point left at the end. With that in mind I think I’ve hit the end. I don’t see how I can get through Level 17. I’ll give it a try, but I don’t expect much. I can’t complain though. I didn’t spend any gold and got items that are better than what I have – which shows what I have in my stable.

It amazes me the amount of distress these events cause people. I mean damn, it’s free stuff, calm down.

Here’s how it played out (full sweep of the Commons, full sweep of the Uncommon and 1 Rare)

Colorful Geta x4
Inconspicuous Obi x3
Floral Stiletto x3
Decorative Blade x2
Poison Tipped Dagger x2
Custom Pistol
Elegant Kunai



If you’ve come as an elf, see it through as an elf.

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