Lotus Kimora – Tapped out at Level 16 – Crime City

I did better than the previous Boss Event and managed to get through Level 16. I barely scraped by with 1 hit point left at the end. With that in mind I think I’ve hit the end. I don’t see how I can get through Level 17. I’ll give it a try, but I don’t expect much. I can’t complain though. I didn’t spend any gold and got items that are better than what I have – which shows what I have in my stable.

It amazes me the amount of distress these events cause people. I mean damn, it’s free stuff, calm down.

Here’s how it played out (full sweep of the Commons, full sweep of the Uncommon and 1 Rare)

Colorful Geta x4
Inconspicuous Obi x3
Floral Stiletto x3
Decorative Blade x2
Poison Tipped Dagger x2
Custom Pistol
Elegant Kunai




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