Escort Handbag Event Tally – Crime City

The Escort Event has ended, but I’m going for overtime! I’m so very close and will hopefully get 2 more Escort Handbags to get me to 15 so I can get the Pretty in Pink Pistol. That will make a nice edition to my gun collection and give me a nice boost as we head into the next battle.

I also noticed several new weapons have been added to the case opens. We seem to have finally moved away from the EU Baton and the Sledgehammer. This time around I managed to get a Shoulder Cannon, Elite Police Armor and a Kanabo. The stats are much better than their predecessors, but more than that, it’s something different!

Well, here’s to hoping I get 15!


I made it to 15 in overtime! I actually got 16 Escort Pistols, but the game crashed out of me and I couldn’t go any further. Well, can’t be too upset, I got the item I wanted and a nice 800 attack bonus.

image image image image

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