High Tech Hijinks and Tell No Tales Events – Crime City Limited Time Quest and New Building

The next two events are already underway! For this one we have yet another new building, the Transtech Building. The initial cost is $78 million and we get 20 days to upgrade it to Level 10. The initial payout is $613,000 in 1 day. It doesn’t sound too bad so far, but let’s see what the upgrade costs are going to be. If the first upgrade is $200 million, then this isn’t the building for me.

The Limited Time Quest is the Tell No Tales. It’s a 45 part event and if completed the prize is the Scorched Earth Chopper which has a 4650 Attack and 3100 Defense. Not a bad little prize. It’s all Energy based so it’s a good thing I stacked a lot of my points into that. I doubt seriously I will get to the end, but I should make a decent run at this one. I should have saved my energy from earlier today, but it’s early enough to not make too much of a negative impact.

Hopefully we’ll get the full list of items and the upgrade costs. Until then, Battle On!

Good Luck!

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Name: Transtech Building
Size: 8×8
Money Cost: $78,000,000
Payout: 24 Hours
Type: B
Unlock Level: 20
Event Length: 20 days
Start Date: 24/06/2013
End Date: 15/07/2013
Upgrade Cost and Time and Payout:

Lv —– Cost ——- Time — Payout
1 —— $78,000,000 ——- 24hr —– $613,000
2 —— $130,000,000 —— 30hr —– $
3 —— $215,000,000 —— 36hr —– $
4 —— $360,000,000 —— 42hr —– $
5 —— $600,000,000 —— 48hr —– $
6 —— $1,000,000,000 —- 54hr —– $
7 —— $1,600,000,000 —- 60hr —– $
8 —— $2,800,000,000 —- 66hr —– $
9 —— $4,700,000,000 —- 72hr —– $
10 —– $7,800,000,000 —- 78hr —– $

Weapon At Each Upgrade Completion:
Level 1:
Control, Alt, Delete
Level 2:
Code Crash
Level 3:
TS-50 Attack Pack
Level 4:
Titanium Knife
Level 5:
High Powered Rifle
Level 6:
Experimental Kevlar Armor
Level 7:
Hi Tech Pistol
Level 8:
TS-50 Explosive Device
Level 9:
Investor’s Ride
Level 10:
Bio Lock Rifle

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      With the Executive Coupe from the Street Brawl Tournament and the Evidence Destroyer from the Camera Case Event back in January I now have the 51% reduction in upgrade costs. I just upgraded the TransTech Building to Level 2 for $63 million instead of the normal $150 million. With the number of days left I might be able to upgrade to Level 5 on this thing. This also means I can upgrade the hell out of my Pagodas! People may be complaining about the Street Brawl, but it’s sure as hell working out for me!

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