Epic Boss Event Mayor Turnball – Crime City

The next event has just started, an Epic Boss event with Mayor Turnball. Some decent prizes await and there is more to be had as this is a tiered event and a bonus prize at 20 defeats. I missed out on the tiered prize last time so let’s hope I put in a better showing this go round.


Fight on good citizens!!


Mayor Turnball Epic Boss Event Crime City
Mayor Turnball Epic Boss Event Crime City

It's bad luck to be superstitious.

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2 thoughts on “Epic Boss Event Mayor Turnball – Crime City

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      Just made it to Level 20. That’s it for me. I got the ECPD Riot Gear and that’s about all I can do. It’s not the best of weapons, but it’s better than nothing.

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      Finished Lv 50 with 24 hours to go, and didn’t have to spend any gold to do it.

      how to:
      1. Start the fight with full health and enough cash to pay for 5 hits.
      2. Hit the boss once, and wait 60 seconds for one HP to regenerate.
      With 76 HP, you can hit the boss 4 times before you die. He will take you down 25 HP each time.
      3.Wait 26 minutes, and go back into the fight with enough cash to pay for 2 hits. You will die after the second hit.
      4. Repeat step 3 until he’s dead.
      Using this technique, you can get 13 hits on the boss in a 2 hour period, and not have to spend any gold to do it.

      Make sure after you kill the boss that you give yourself enough time to heal your boss HP to full. Your boss HP regenerates 1 HP per minute.

      Also – make sure you get your last hit in without leaving the fight. If you retreat with less than 25 HP, you can’t go back until you have 25.

      You need at least 26 points to hit him twice.

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