WinZip 20.5 for $10

Although I have a copy of WinZip, I haven’t been diligent in keeping it up to date. I mean, has the zip/unzip process really changed that much? And if I do find myself in some sort of bind, 7Zip has been there to sort things out. winZip has actually been preinstalled on a couple of machine and it works find so why go chasing the latest edition?

However, I just got an email with a pretty sweet offer, an Upgrade to WinZip 20.5 for a mere $10. I would have to say that’s a good deal. And this is the Pro version, which has a few more bells and whistles than the Standard, but I doubt I will notice a difference and the link is for the Pro edition, so no real choice there.

This is a great price for WinZip, which has a history of being a decent compression tool. The regular price was a bit steep at $30 for Standard and $50 for Pro, but for $10, I have no problem in getting a copy. Fact of the matter is, I’ll grab a couple of copies as you don’t need any sort of previous serial number or cd-key to take advantage of the price.

This might mean there is a new version right around the corner, but how often do you really need to upgrade a tool like this? This copy should last me several years, or at least until they send me another upgrade offer for $10.

WinZip 20.5 for $10

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