Super Slim USB 3.0 hub by HooToo

hootoo.jpgAs I was reconfiguring my Mac, I realized I would be well to do with a small USB hub. Nothing fancy, I just need to open up a few ports. I struck gold with a super cool hub by HooToo. It’s incredibly thin and offers 4 USB 3.0 ports. Funny thing is, when I bought it, I didn’t even pay attention to that part and thought they were the standard USB 2.0 hubs. Imagine my surprise.

On the surface, there is nothing truly amazing about this hub. However, it’s small, light, has 4 ports, is USB 3, and costs less than $10. That is a heck of a deal. So much so, I bought a second one. It’s a spare for now, but you never know when it will be pressed into service.

This rascal is great and doesn’t need a power supply. I think that’s what threw me off about it being USB 3. But if you need a small hub for keyboards, mice, thumbdrives or an external drive, this will help you out.

HooToo Ultra Slim 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub

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