DevonAgent for Deep Dive Internet searches

Many years ago there was a great search tool called Copernic Agent. With it, you could search multiple search engines at the same time, and then collect and save the results. It was a fantastic tool when you wanted to deep dive into a subject.

That tool has long since passed, but DevonAgent is all that and so much more. Since DevonThink is information storage, DevonAgent is information collection, and then some.

DevonAgent is the tool you use when you need to get as much information as you possibly can about a subject and the first 2 pages of Google simply don’t cut it. Let’s say you are researching thing related to the Macintosh or even more exciting, Grace Hopper. You want more than a Wikipedia entry and you don’t want the same articles over and over again. Further, you want to cut through the nonsense and not get tangled up in all the spam results that usually come with a search.

You can put in your search criteria and let DevonAgent scan and filter the results. It will filter out duplicates, sites that don’t load anymore, sites that aren’t really relevant, or sites that are very similar to ones it’s already looked at.

Further you can add powerful search terms like AND, OR, NEAR, NOT and other query language constructs to find information that is relevant not just on the page. This way you could search for (Robert OR Bob OR Bobbie OR Bobby) as well as (Jean !jeans). In the last case you will get the name, not articles related to “jeans” the clothing.

Again, this is for deep dive research. But with DevonAgent, I have been able to find books, articles, software, code fragments and sift through mountains of information in a fraction of the time.

For several searches I have done, DevonAgent has filtered through more than 3000 links, discarding 90% because the information is either too similar, or not relevant enough to meet the criteria. This saves me hours of time and focuses on the most relevant results.

If you are doing research or have the need/desire to dig deep into a topic, DevonAgent is a must have Internet search tool. And if you have DevonThink, you can store and index your results for future reference.

DevonAgent – Search the Web Better

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