It’s ok to be a Quitter

Quitter is an app I discovered several months ago and it has proven to be extremely useful. Quitter is an app that hides or quits app you are no longer using. During a typical day I have dozens of applications open like Katalon, SQL Pro, CodeRunner, the App Store, SnagIt, FreeDownloadManger and plenty of others.

Truth is though, I don’t need them open all the time. That is both distracting and a waste of resources. Sure, I have plenty of memory, but why keep programs open when I’m not actually using them?

That’s where Quitter comes in. After an app sat idle for a configured amount of time, it gets closed. This frees up the Dock, releases memory, and keeps things tidy. It’s a very handy app and it’s main goal is to keep you focused on the apps you’re really using and closing out the other distractions.

Quitter for Mac


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