You really need to get TextSoap from Bundlehunt

I've already made a couple of comments about TextSoap, but if you haven't already picked up a copy from Bundlehunt, I strongly urge you to jump over there right now and grab it before it's gone. It's not just for text cleaning but can be used of parsing, formatting, searching, and copying.

The uses for TextSoap are increasing day by day. In fact, it's solving formatting issues I didn't even know I had. To give a couple of examples, I write these blog articles in Scrivener, which is great. What's not great is that web formatting wants an extra line break between paragraphs. With TextSoap, adding those is now a click of the "2 Returns" button.

The same is true for web links. Correcting those in a Markdown editor is a simple, but manual task. Now it's a click of the "HTML to Markdown" button.

There's also the Extract Text from HTML Source which is a huge timesaver. Or the Replace @ with (AT).

Going beyond that, I'm already making my own formatters for repeated tasks.

For example, with a simple bit of Regex, I have made a SQL text formatter. It finds all the SQL keywords I have defined, turns them to uppercase and formats them as blue.

I have another cleaner that searches web pages and copies certain types of URLs to the clipboard.

Another one does a replace on copied URLs so I only get the ID, which I use when testing.

I already wrote of the Execution Time formatter and the Insert Code Block snippet. It's turned out to be an IDE for developing text formatting macros. And it's not just for text editors, it can work within al sorts of apps.

It's only been a couple of weeks, but I am finding more and more ways to use it.

If you do any sort of web publishing, or writing, or QA work, you absolutely need to get a copy of TextSoap from Bundlehunt. TextSoap is normally $45, and I can see why. But Bundlehunt has it for $5 and that is an incredible deal.

This is going to be a heavily used tool for me moving forward.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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