My Automation Progress So Far

It has been an impressive and productive two weeks for working on this new project. As it stands, I have about 12 test cases completed. I have kept them small and specific and so far have been able to complete 1 to 2 test cases per day. Again, these aren't complete, but cover basic usage and functionality. I will keep refining them as I move forward and build in more error checking code as needed. These are framework tests, but they are proving to be valuable.

While not the best gauge, my code base is a little over 1500 lines of code. That makes each test a little over 100 lines each, which is a decent start.

Again, my goal at this phase is to write as many tests as possible, touching multiple pages. I don't want a one giant, monolithic test that only works on one page. I want to confirm that multiple pages are accessible and at least display something.

I don't have much code for filling forms, as most of the data presented is pulled in from data sources, not user entered. The code mainly enters data into search fields and confirms those results appear in the table. But the good news is, once I write the validation for one page, I can reuse the same logic and even a fair bit of the code to make the next test.

If I can write one or two types of tests, then adapt them across multiple pages, I feel that is a good use of my time and effort. I look at this as the upside down pyramid. It starts off very broad, covering a lot of area. Then as time goes by, the tests get more and more specific as well as incorporate code that is particular to that test case.

But, this is a very solid start. The tests are coming together very nicely and the code is more compact than my first time around.


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