Affinity Photo, Designer, and Publisher

I am in no way an artist, although my stick figure art has been described as sublime. However, we all have a need for design tools from time to time, whether it be cropping photos, laying out text, color adjustments, or much more complex actions.

When using Windows, Corel Paint Shop Pro was my editor of choice. It worked quite well and had the features I was most interested in.

Since moving to Mac, I looked for a replacement. Photoshop is not an option for a dozen different reasons.

However, Affinity, with their new line of tools fits the bill nicely. They are quality apps, loaded with features, at a price that makes sense.

And it makes even more sense to get them. Affinity has put their entire suite of applications on sale during the 2020 Lockdown for 50% off.

I had Photo from shortly after it first came out, but have added both Designer and Publisher. This comes on the heels of watching their Lockdown 2020: Affinity Creative Session where Product Managers, designers, photographers and others will go over how the suite works and how they use the different tools in their workflow. I just watched the first one and was really impressed with how the tools work, and how they work together.

The sale also extends to their iOS offerings, so if you need some photo, design or publishing tools, Affinity and their suite of tools is a fantastic choice.

Affinity Suite

Affinity Creative Sessions


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