QA Regression Suite coming together

My automation project is progressing faster than I expected. I added the code to check for results, added code to count rows, and removed all the hard coded values I put in place.

The QA Execution Profile is now in place with the correct data values for that environment. I even swapped some of the String values for Lists so multiple values could be checked in a single pass.

I cleaned up the navigation code so the tests can either click the links they need, or they navigate to the correct location then call each other in the proper order.

I have just put together the QA Regression test suite and have been testing it against the site. It contains 21 tests, chained together, that run from start to finish.

With everything running together, I made a few adjustments to my data values, picked some better customers to work with, added a couple of checks to make sure objects were visible before starting, and added logging for a couple of events.

It’s not a comprehensive site validation suite, but it does perform one hundred actions or so, and completes in around 7 minutes. For me to perform the same actions is closer to 40 minutes.

At this point, I need to try different kinds of users and see the how the tests react. Do they fail gracefully? Do customers have data I didn’t anticipate? Are they missing something I need?

For next week, I will try this for a few dozen customers we have and see things work. Once that is completed, I will be ready to duplicate this Test Suite as the Prod version and go through the same process of trying it against the real Prod site.

I am very much on target to use this as for the after deployment smoke test we have scheduled at the end of the month.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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