Speaking of Notability, it’s $1.99 in the Mac App Store

If you're looking for a note taking app that can handle lists, checkboxes, images and hand writing, then Notability is a solid choice and may be even better since the price is a shockingly low $1.99.

Notability is very good for putting together lists and checking the items off one by one. It's also easy to organize notes into groups or projects. From there, each project can have multiple notes associated with it.

You can highlight text in different colors, add sound recordings and export to a couple of different formats such as PDF and RTF.

There is also an iPad version so there will be no problem in creating notes on the Mac then looking them over in the iPad while in a meeting. I have done that a few times and it works well.

Again, if you're looking for a good note taking app, Notability is worthing looking at, and now at really low price.

Notability for Mac and iOS

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