SummerFest with DevonThink, DevonAgent and Friends

Summer is here, quite literally a few hours away, so let the summer sales begin! To kick things off, DevonTechnologies has partnered with several other software vendors to offer SummerFest2020.

It’s a great way to get a 25% discount on their products as well as some companion products that integrate very nicely and improve your research workflow.

This would be a great time to get both DevonThink and DevonAgent.

DevonThink goes far beyond note-taking to offer a complete document management solution. It has become the central hub of information on both my home and work Macs.

I have text files, spreadsheets, task lists, Jira ticket notes, test plans, PDFs, RSS feeds, web archives, code examples and more all tucked away in there. It is a fantastic tool and I think I would be completely lost without it.

DevonAgent is a must have for web research. And now that I have Adguard blocking ads within the DA browser, I’m using it more than ever.

There is a wealth of information beyond the first 10-20 results that Google brings back, DevonAgent is a way to find, parse, and browse that information with ease.

There are also other excellent tools like Nisus Writer, Bookends and Tinderbox.

So, if you were thinking about adding the Devon tools to your workflow and improving productivity, now is a great time to get them.

DevonThink and DevonAgent SummerFest2020

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