Katalon regression project is complete

Good news! My QA automation project is now complete. Well, complete in the sense that I have a full test suite to run against QA and Production. No code project is ever really complete and there is plenty more for me to work on. But, at this point, I have a fully functional project with 30 tests that cover a majority of the functionality.

I recently finished the regression suite with all the tests running together. Small adjustments were needed due to some small timing issue, and a few leftover hardcoded values I missed on my previous pass.

A few initialization scripts were also written to setup and retrieve data before the test fully got underway. The suite also did it's trial by fire, by being used in a Production smoke test for our last deployment.

I'm obviously not going to let it run completely unsupervised, but it did very well. It checked all the data points it was supposed to and verified all the elements I was concerned with. By that measure it was extremely successful.

The next step is to keep writing and refining tests. Currently, there are no "create" tests, meaning nothing new is added to the system using this code. That will be changed for a few items as we moved forward. The next big step will be to make a complete "transaction" and verify all the information on that page.

There are several smaller tests that can be added, which will be quick to write since all the framework is in place and most of the functionality is a copy and paste of work already completed.

Like previous tests I've done, I will be getting with our product owners to see what other kinds of tests would be worthwhile. What bugs or issues are we seeing that could be detected with code? Is there something customer repeatedly do or an area that needs additional coverage/attention?

At this point, the project is working well and has uncovered a few bugs and logic flaws. When you step through the site one page at a time, one item at a time, and dig into options you normally gloss over, some issues are bound to come to light. Doing this sort of work is a great way to get reacquainted with all aspects of a site.

It's bad luck to be superstitious.

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