Blocking annoying websites (news) with AdGuard

During this time of political stupidity, Covid running rampant, and more doom and gloom articles than you can shake a stick at, I have made the choice to start blocking sites, especially news outlets, using AdGuard.

Sites can easily be blocked using a browser plugin, but since I use multiple browsers, and have several apps that are Internet aware, I want them blocked at the OS level.

AdGuard makes this easy using one of two command styles. These are entered under Preferences – Filters – User Rules.


In the first example, the page won't be loaded and you will get a blank screen. No text, no links, no images.

In the second example, you will be prompted that the site matches a filter for blocked sites and given the choice to continue.

I prefer the first. It's a sledgehammer approach to throwing rotten news in the garbage. And it works.

Within a day I was already turning a blind eye to news stories because I knew they wouldn't load. This saves me time, keeps me focused, and keep me from getting mired in political nonsense.

AdGuard has an article on how to make your own filters.


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