AYBO a very nice natural language calculator

After recently discovering natural language calculators like Soulver, I've become a big fan. Yes, macOS has a calculator built in, which is fine, but not so great when you need to repeat a multi-step calculation several times. Or you set up a formula and want to change the variables. That's where these other calculators shines.

I've literally just discovered a new one called, AYBO, which now has a permanent place within my desktop configuration. Soulver 2 is awesome, but has reached the end of its cycle awhile ago. AYBO looks to have a comparable feature set to Soulver 3 and Numi, but at a fraction of the price.

I have no idea what AYBO stands for, but the calculator is quite impressive. As you would expect it boasts features such as expressions and variables:

    10 USD + 10 EUR in GBP
    50% of (10 USD + 10 EUR) in GBP
    10 lb to kg
    120 km to miles
    60 mph to km/h
    12 + sin(pi/2) - 6 / pi


    HrsPerMonth = 160
    RatePerHour = 50 usd
    Cost = HrsPerMonth * RatePerHour
    Total = Cost + Cost * 0.05

But things get a little more fancy with time calculations, which are always handy:

    now + 3 hours
    today + 1 day

And then things get unusual, yet still impressive with the ability to get weather data, translate words, and define RGB color codes. Unexpected, but very cool!

    color red
    color #235a41

    translate to es Water in the bottle
Weather and forecast
    weather in Berlin
    forecast for Chicago

Are these "calculator" functions? I'm not entirely sure, but they are damn cool! It's incredibly handy to have a single app that can retrieve this kind of information. Frankly, I love it, and AYBO will be open and running on my machine from now on.

If you are looking for a language calculator, AYBO is an awesome choice. It's a great price at just $5. I didn't hesitate to grab a copy. Very glad I did. It works really well, looks to be actively developed, and who knows what exciting features are in store for the future.

AYBO Calculator

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