How I Use Mini Note

Mini Note is a simple, yet effective note taking tool from Fiplab, I have installed on multiple machines, including my iPads. I use it on a daily basis for quick notes, to save a link, store a Zoom meeting ID, or jot down some test data. Whatever it is becomes available everywhere.

I regularly paste SQL queries from Jira tickets, send them over to my iMac which uses our secure VPN connection. A second later, that query is available where I need it. No need to save a file to Dropbox, Google Drive or iCloud.

As another example, I repeatedly copy links into Mini Note for review on my home machine. Sure, it's right behind me, but it's not on until the end of the day. With this, those links are available as soon as the machine wakes up. It's usually for a YouTube tutorial, a piece of software to test, an article to read after dinner, or a series of steps to follow on a different machine.

Another benefit is Mini Note on the iPad. I always need information away from my main machine. This allows me to read instructions, paste directions, follow a link, enter a serial number or password. Like the desktop version, notes sync within seconds. In each case, Mini Note makes my note available on whatever machine I am working with.

Mini Note has a simple, clean UI. Each note has a title with the last time it was updated. At a glance I know which note to pick, and whether or not it's served it's purpose. Am I done with that note? Has it been several days? Should it be added to DevonThink Office Pro or removed from the list.

Compared to methods like sending emails, Slack messages, or saving random items into a text file, Mini Note is far better organized. I don't need to set a reminder, or clutter up a calendar. When I make a note it goes to the top of the list ready for use. Perfect.

Mini Note is small, lightweight, and a perfect fit for this sort of work. As such, it's always open on both Mac Pros. When I need to share a block of text, this is my primary method. It was a $5 investment that has paid huge dividends.

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