Job search underway

I’ve eluded to it a couple of times, but yes, a new job search is underway. It’s been brewing for longer than I care to admit, but after reading both Culture Code and Creativity, Inc., I was able to put a name to several existing issues.

With our recent merger, then subsequent acquisition, things have changed drastically, not always for the better. The main shift has been a culture change. The culture of the original company I joined almost 6 years ago has disappeared. It’s been replaced with a very different mindset. And to be honest, I’m not a huge fan of the company we merged with. A double whammy.

I have no doubt they’re good at what they do, but the merger has been poorly handled since day one. The intent to bring together equals hasn’t played out.

Adding to the problems is the acquisition. Not only are we struggling to work together and find common ground, a new set of mandatory rules and regulations are coming down from on high.

To say we’ve had a couple missteps is a gross understatement. We’re operating under a, “Shoot first, ask questions never,” mentality. We’ve shot ourselves in the foot a dozen times so far. Now we’re reloading.

Because of all that, I’ve decided to seek higher ground. I mention this because I get to see what technology other companies are using for QA and automation. It’s clear we’re at least 5 years behind the curve. We’re scratching our heads over CI/CD while it’s the norm in plenty of other places. Even “junior” roles have SQL and automation as expectations. That’s a nice increase in skillset.

None of these are complaints, merely observations on how far things have come. It’s rather exciting. I’ve had a great time with automation. To see it embraced so widely is wonderful. Seeing jobs with lots of new technology opens up all sorts of new possibilities. Lots of chances to learn new things.

The world of QA looks very bright and exciting. I’m looking forward to where the next phase of the journey takes me.

Thanks for reading you majestic sausage.
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