Life has been Sans Serif for too long

I just came to a sad realization. My life has been Sans Serif for too long.

I’ve been using Verdana as my chosen font for a long time. It’s a good one, clean and simple. But, as I make changes to the site and work on articles, it’s come to look a little too simple. A little drab. After all, this is a Mac, and the Mac was built to support beautiful fonts.

It’s time to spice things up a bit. That includes the site and my personal text editors.

As you can see, the site is using a selection of Serif styled fonts. I think they look good for headers and make the body text more readable.

Within Scrivener I’ve started to use one of the classic fonts from the days of yore, Baskerville. I’ve added this to TaskPaper as well. I’m sure many font changes are forthcoming.

This really stems from PaperEdit and Hemingway Editor. They use Times New Roman (which has been a little overdone through the years) and a variation on Baskerville (if it’s not the actual Baskerville font).

After spending several hours editing my resume in Hemingway Editor, I really liked the way things look and decided it was a good time to switch things around. I forgot how much I like the shape and curve of the serif fonts.

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