A full year of working remotely

It’s hard to believe, but I’ve circled around to complete a year of working remotely. I’m sure many are coming up on the same “anniversary.”

Again, the reasoning behind all this is terrible, but I’ve been shockingly content to work from my home office all these months. Many would say I’ve been preparing to work in isolation for decades. The reason being, I have strong introvert traits. I’m not a big fan of crowds either, which could easily be social anxiety. I’m not going to add “disorder” since I haven’t been “diagnosed” nor do I think it’s a disorder. I’m very content to work on my own. If we keep the crowd to under 5 people, we’re all good.

Just to make the point, social anxiety and antisocial are NOT the same thing.

Anyway, here’s a few benefits I’ve gotten from working from home:

  • I get more exercise now that I’m not stuck in traffic.
  • My work from home computer setup is many times more efficient than being in the office. No one in their right mind will let me bring all this stuff into an office.
  • I get to spend time with my little dog. She is getting on in years. I think she will have separation anxiety if/when I go back into the office.
  • Going to lunch is a matter of walking a few feet to the kitchen. Now that it’s warming up again, I will be able to sit outside in the sun for lunch.
  • I’ve had a window office for a year.
  • I can stretch and exercise at my desk without interrupting anyone. I may look silly, but no one can see.
  • I can’t be late for work. Nor can I be late for a meeting.
  • Saving a handsome sum on gas.
  • Not spending money on eating out.
  • I haven’t worn proper shoes to work in a year.
  • House chores are a breeze when I can spend time each day getting things done.
  • I have way better snacks.

If it’s a rough situation out there, but working remotely has turned out to be quite enjoyable. Personally, I hope the trend continues. I would be happy to keep working from home and visit the office once or twice a month.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
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