DevUtils from BundleHunt is a solid purchase

One of the tools I picked up from BundleHunt is DevUtils, and it’s a solid purchase.

I wasn’t aware of this tool before, but will certainly take advantage moving forward. DevUtils is a series of tools and formatters that can help in a variety of situations.

For example, there is the Unix Time Converter, which can help with tools like JMeter. The log files are in Unix time.

Next is the RegEx Tester. Even though there are online testers, it’s always good to have one that isn’t dependent on the Internet.

Another good tool to have is the Text Diff Checker. I use this quite a bit when checking form text on a site. I paste the text from the site and the text from source and make sure they match. Saves huge amounts of time. I’ve been using DeltaWalker, also a BundleHunt item.

Other checkers include, XML Beautify, JSON Formatter, HTML Preview, and Lorem Ipsum generator. The “lorem” tool allows filler text and other text fragments such as name, email, URL that are extremely helpful for testing.

There are formatters for CSS, JS, HTML, and others.

It’s a pretty nice toolbox. Any single tool would cost more than the entire sale price. It’s $4, and well worth the price.

If you’re working with Postman, JMeter, RegEx, or general QA testing, this is great tool to have.

You can find more at BundleHunt and DevUtils.

Then again, I could be wrong.
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