Adding WordCounter for Mac to my back of tricks

Yes, I have a lot of writing apps. And now I’m taking WordCounter for a test drive.

There is nothing new about counting words, but WordCounter goes a little bit further. It can track the number of words written across multiple apps. For example, you can see how much you write in TaskPaper, Scrivener, Slack, DevonThink Office Pro, Hemingway Editor, Email and Notion. That can be very useful from a statistical point of view.

I have Time Sink showing how much time I spend in each app. WordCounter will now show me how much I actually type in each application. How much of my day is actually spent writing something?

It’s meant to help writers achieve their daily word count. If have you a 2000 word goal, but use 4 apps, did you hit the mark? This would certainly answer the question.

It can show which apps you are most productive with. Are you writing massive outlines, but only a few lines of text? Are you spending more time in DevonThink Office Pro than Scrivener? Or you just want to know how many words you put down on digital paper at the end of the year.

The daily tally is shown in the menu bar. Selecting that menu bar allows you to see daily, weekly, monthly trends. You can also specify which apps you want to track.

The stats are just starting to roll in, so I’m interested to see where this goes. We’ll see how things look after the trial version. So far, Scrivener and Slack are where I spend my writing time.

WordCounter for Mac

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