The Block Editor in WordPress needs a bit of work

It’s interesting to note the block editor in WordPress is very similar to Notion. However, “Gutenburg” needs a little work and finesse.

I like the block idea. It’s a great concept and will serve WordPress well for the future. However, it can be a little awkward, and doesn’t always respond the way I expect.

It’s great to mix and match items on the page. This aloows a flexible layout and gives plenty of room to adapt and grow. But, there are definitely issues when editing with a “browser.”

Selecting, editing and moving blocks isn’t quite what it should be. Editing links can be an exercise in frustration. Pasting text doesn’t always looks right.

It’s a new approach that should mature well. As mentioned, Notion uses the same idea to great effect. Like WordPress, it suffers when you try to edit and adjust the layout. I usually end up deleting the block and starting over.

I will say, I don’t want all editors to shift over to blocks. Blocks in Scrivener would drive me mad! Although, it could be a neat concept in DevonThink Office Pro, but with caution, if at all. Not everyone needs to jump on this bandwagon.

With the recent WordPress updates, I’ve had more exposure to blocks. I like what I see, but there is definitely room for improvement. I’m far more forgiving than a lot of comments I saw in a recent WordPress related webinar.

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