The glorious Dorfromantik

It took a few plays to understand the “quest” aspect of Dorfromantik. The numbers that appear above some of the tiles, mean to “connect” similar tiles to achieve that goal. Such as, link together forest tiles to connect 150 trees. Place fields tiles so you string together 10 farms. Make a neighborhood of 50 houses.

Now that I understand, I’ve moved past struggling to hit 1,000 to closing in on 10,000 points. I should have paid attention to the tutorial a touch more.

Anyway, Dorfromantik is as wonderful as I had hoped it would be. The tiles make me think of Carcassonne. The art style is like TownScaper. The scoring and quests are like Islanders. Combined they make for a wonderful atmosphere.

The Quests are fun little goals that add a dash of strategy. They make you think twice before placing a tile and cutting yourself off. Yet, they don’t get in the way of having fun. There is no harm in ignoring them.

This is a gem of a game like TownScaper and Cloud Gardens. I love that we have the platforms in place to allow Indie developers to offer these games.

To celebrate their launch to Early Acces, Dorfromantik is 15% off, putting it at $8.50. There is enough entertainment here to justify the cost.

Then again, I could be wrong.
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