Blocking more ads with AdGuard for iOS

If you have AdGuard for iOS and want to block even more ads, this article is well worth following. I did this within AdGuard Pro on my iPad Pro and saw dozens of blocked request to outside advertising. Like AdGuard for Mac, this helps with blocking ads system wide. Yes, that means within apps themselves.

This only takes a moment to implement, but has some impressive results. You will need the “Full version” in order to use this feature as it uses both VPN and DNS filtering features.

Read the full AdGuard post for more details. The relevant bits are listed below.

Advanced mode

Simplified domain names (SDN) filter is composed from several other filters (English filter, Social media filter, Spyware filter, Mobile ads filter, EasyList and EasyPrivacy) and simplified specifically to be better compatible with DNS-level ad blocking.

To enable it in AdGuard Pro, you need to take three steps:

Open AdGuard Pro Settings —> General —> Enable Advanced mode
Go to DNS protection —> DNS filtering —> DNS filters —> Add filter
Paste this link to add AdGuard SDN filter (or use a link to any other filter you want to add).

That’s it! You’ve successfully added a custom filter!

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