Achievement Unlocked: New Job Acquired

The deal is done. The papers are signed. I’m very excited to report that I’ve unlocked a new achievement and moved to another company. Oddly, the job is almost the same. On the surface at least.

It wasn’t a bad experience by any means. A bit odd doing interviews through Zoom and Teams, but not bad. I felt the interviews were far more casual and conversational, perhaps because people were actually at home. I got to know people a little better since it felt more relaxed. That was a big part of my search criteria, what kind of company was I going to join? What were the people like? The work is similar, but the people at their attitude make all the difference.

We’re going to start off with manual testing then move forward with automation testing. It’s a hardware and software solution, which isn’t something I’ve worked with before. The fact I had so many questions about how things worked proved to me I was excited about learning.

I will still be working remotely for the time being. But, since there is a physical device involved, there will be some office visits. We’ll deal with that as it comes. While I’m totally fine hiding in my bunker for years to come, I know that’s not realistic.

It’s been interesting to talk to different companies about their goals, how they plan to get there, what tools they’re using, what has been successful, and where they see themselves in a few years from now.

I’m excited for this new opportunity. It will be a chance to help build something from the ground with support right from the start.

Only downside… Going to have to use Windows again.

Then again, I could be wrong.
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