A few quick thoughts on the Apple Spring Loaded event

I thought the Apple Spring Loaded event delivered quite a bit of excitement. The new M1 iMacs are very nice entry level machines. Some like the new design. Others don’t. I’m a fan of the new look and colors. I hope those color options actually carry over to the 27 and possible 30 inch models. A yellow or red iMac would be awesome.

The cabling, matching keyboard and mouse, and external power brick make for a nice package. It’s a well rounded machine that will handle all the same tasks we’ve seen benchmarked with the MacBooks. It might go even more due to the cooling.

The fact it’s actually thinner than an audio connector jack is quite amazing. It will be interesting to see if the chin sticks around for the larger models. I wouldn’t be surprised if that disappeared.

With the iPad Pro getting the M1 chip, the bridge to the MacBook Air has been crossed. The latest M1 MacBook Air might the first, last and only MacBook Air to get the M1 chip.

It’s easy to see the Air and iPad Pro merging as a single device. There is now enough overlap that the iPad Pro could replace the Air and leave the MacBook Pro for bigger tasks the iPad couldn’t handle, which won’t be many.

Some claim the iPad Pro is “overpowered” for the software available. That’s quite true, so we should see a change to iPadOS and updates to software to harness that power.

iPadOS 15 should bring in some macOS features, and either allow macOS apps to run, or give developers the tools to port high end apps over to the iPad Pro. With that, apps would be written for iPadOS specifically, perhaps just for iPad Pro. That will be a good thing.

While not a huge jump from the previous model, it’s a large jump into the future. This really does position the iPad as a portable computer in every sense of the word.

WWDC in a few months will be really interesting.

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