Learning Windows All Over Again

Well, this is a strange place I find myself. Six years ago I ventured into unknown territory with OS X. After using Windows for decades, I found the landscape foreign, although a little bit familiar. Getting past several rookie mistakes, I got the hang of things and found myself quite smitten with macOS. As I’ve said, I really enjoy macOS and the way it works.

Now the other shoe has dropped. With the change in job, there needs to be a slight change in OS. It’s back to using Windows during the work day. I find myself completely confused by Windows 10. History repeats itself.

I’m still going to use Mac at home. And quite frankly, I plan to use Windows in a VM on my Mac if I can get away with it. It will save space and monitors.

But seriously, Windows 10 has me absolutely confused. The only thing that’s slightly familiar is the Start button.

How times have changed and now I have to look up articles on where things moved and what their new name is. I actually have Windows 10 in a VM on my Mac so I can “practice” using it.

I wasn’t a fan of the Windows 8 UI, and I’m not a fan of the 10 UI either. There are way too many things that spin, rotate, and try to grab my attention. To be honest, it’s just too flat looking. The UI looks like an unfinished sketch.

Enough criticism (for now). It’s just funny how much I’ve forgotten. Control Panel is absolutely foreign.

Irony is, my actual Windows machine is still Windows 7, so that’s not helping.

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