Quick reaction to the WWDC event

I’ve been watching all sorts of reaction videos from the “experts” and find a mixed bag of what people think. Some are completely underwhelmed. However, that seems to stem from not getting a peek at the next tier of MacBook Pro. Regardless of leaker news, what made you think they would appear at WWDC? There’s no reason to do that.

I thought the new features across the OS range were quite good. Not earth shattering or ground breaking, but better than the features we didn’t have the day before.

I love the idea of being able to control a Mac, MacBook and iPad using the keyboard and mouse of one system. That is some serious flex as Marques put it.

I like the fitness/health features for iOS. The monitoring and data sharing is impressive.

About the only let down was no mention of iPadOS tapping the full power of the M1 chip. It’s disappointing, but not the end of the world. Just because it wasn’t mentioned doesn’t mean it isn’t in the works.

Putting an M1in the iPad wasn’t just for giggles. It was a planned and therefore tapping into that power and taking full advantage is coming. It may happen in a .5 release for iPadOS this year. Or worst case, it will be next year as more features are added to iPadOS. And developers have time to redesign their apps for iPad.

Either way, the new 2021 M1 iPad is certainly more future proof than the previous 2020 Pro model I have. No regrets on the 2020 purchase by any means. It’s fantastic. But, I can’t understand why people would regret their decision to get the M1 model.

I saw many comments about, “We’re halfway through the transition, where’s the next gen machines?”

Since they’re online, Apple can schedule events whenever they want. Why dilute WWDC? Show off machine releases next month or the month after when they are the focus of the show. There is no need to derail or overshadow WWDC with hardware releases. Stop whining.

I’m looking forward to the next tier of machines as well. I want a Mac Pro mini for sure. But, it gets here when it gets here, not when some leaker guesses. Those guys make me laugh.

I’m sad I don’t have a machine for Monterey. I’m looking for an upgrade, and even though the 24 inch iMac in yellow would be awesome, it’s not quite right. So I need to wait. And wait I shall.

Maybe I should've written that in a different font.
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