Bringing back some of my best apps for Windows

Even though Windows itself can be a struggle, there are some great apps I get to use again. After building a solid workflow on the Mac, I wanted to replicate that as best I could.

Because of that I’ve brought back:

  • RightNote
  • AllMyNotes Organizer
  • Breevy
  • ClipboardFusion
  • Scrivener for Windows

Even though the full Office Suite is installed, I prefer to use RightNote rather than OneNote. That’s a little sad actually, because I truly enjoyed OneNote 2003 and 2007. I used to have several hundred OneNote documents.

But, RightNote is my choice now and holds all my work notes. I have tabs for my Notes, for Sprints, for SQL commands, and automation fragments. More will be coming as we dig deeper into different projects.

I have my Jira tickets set up in a task list so I track what I’ve worked on, what I completed, and it’s easy to copy my results into Jira.

AllMyNotes is where I store notes about a project that won’t be permanent. I use it instead of Notepad++. I keep a lot of test data, error messages, SKU numbers and other information that is only needed for a short period of time.

Breevy is my Text Expansion tool. I’m so used to having one, I get lost without it. It’s works well and has good organization. It does the same job as TypeIt4Me to create boilerplate queries and code fragments.

ClipboardFusion is a must for clipboard management. It has text/replace features as well as the ability to run code and macros on copied text. But, as a clipboard manager, I use it dozens of times per day, every day.

Scrivener has been my word processing tool for the past 6+ years. Even though Word is installed, if I need to write something of length, I’ll use Scrivener. I’m so glad version 3 for Windows is available. I wasted no time in getting an upgrade copy.

The two biggest tools I miss are Alfred and Keyboard Maestro. There is a tool called Wox, which has some Alfred like features. I need to dig into it more and get it set up properly.

If there’s a Keyboard Maestro like tool Windows I can’t find it. There are batch files and PowerShell, but that’s not the same.

It’s funny that several years ago I wondered if I would find equivalents for my Windows apps in the Apple sphere. Now it’s the reverse. Turns out there were plenty of Mac apps to choose from. I finding going the other way isn’t so easy. There are lots of gaps on the Windows side.

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