🏡 Return to working remotely

Well, that didn’t last long. Without going into detail for obvious reasons, we are back to working remotely due to a positive Covid test in the office. Without being hysterical, that’s a little too close to home.

I don’t feel I’m in any danger, but we’ll scrub that mission.

It only lasted a week, but confirms several things.

  • Covid IS a thing.
  • My vision of how things would play was correct. I sat in front of my computer, with headphones on, doing my job in the same way I do it remotely.
  • I did have a revelation of how noisy an office is. There are constant text message dings, people asking where someone is, doors buzzing to let someone in, people talking on speaker phone with the door open, dings from Slack, or Teams, and lots of other distractions. It’s interruptions galore that totally threw off the flow.
  • If you don’t absolutely, positively need to be in an office, don’t do it. And even then, think twice.
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